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Germinating Seeds Paper Towel

Germinating Seeds Paper Towel

Many cannabis growers sow directly at the final destination and usually don't get the results they expect. Some seeds will grow, but most will not. If you want to get outstanding germination, it is wise to use a pre-growth activation method. One of the best practices to germinate is using paper towels. Germination on wet paper is one of the easiest ways to germinate marijuana seeds. Most experienced growers use it.

With this procedure, you will have an extraordinarily high seed activation rate. If you also select top-line seeds like those offered by Homegrown Cannabis Co., your germination will surely be close to 100%. You must know how to germinate seeds in a paper towel, so you can significantly increase your production.

How to Successfully Germinate Weed Seeds in Paper?


It is advisable to moisten your seeds between 12 and 24 hours before starting the process. To do this, you should use mineral or osmosis water. The ideal liquid should have a 6.5 pH. Besides, the room temperature should be around 68-75 °F. It is also essential to place the container in a dark space since light can inhibit activation –a cabinet is an ideal place. This process will moisten the shell more quickly, speeding up germination, and will ensure an optimal result when using the paper.

Propagator and Paper

As a substrate, you can use kitchen paper, napkins, toilet paper, tissues, and even gauze. Newsprint is not recommended, as ink and printing chemicals can inhibit germination. Do not use paper with particular aromas or characteristics, nor cotton: it absorbs a lot of water, and the roots can get tangled in its fibers.

Wet the paper with quality water, preferably mineral or osmosis water, with a pH of 6.5, and the temperature should be between 65-75 °F. Keep in mind that the paper should always be moist but not soggy. This will prevent the roots from rotting due to lack of oxygen. To keep the humidity, you can spray the paper with a spray bottle. A Tupper or a container with a lid is ideal. Avoid using plates, as the paper will dry out faster. In any case, use the plate covering it with film to keep the humidity.

Placing the Seeds

For handling your wet seeds, it is preferable to use clean tweezers. If you use your hands, you can transfer fat, acids, or contaminants to the seed's surface, compromising its germination. Distribute the seeds in the substrate, leaving an inch of space between them. Then cover with another wet paper towel and seal the propagator. Place it in a dark place to keep the temperature and humidity. This will also prevent that light compromises the process.

Is Time to Pop!

The process of activating the seeds depends on the strain and the conditions you have created for them. You should check your greenhouse daily, verifying and rectifying the humidity and renewing the system's air. The growth of a delicate white root will begin, and when it reaches 1-1.5 inches, you can transplant it to the chosen substrate.

Get the Top Seeds Online

If you want to achieve an excellent harvest germinating seeds in paper towel, your grains must be of extraordinary quality. Homegrown Cannabis Co has for you 400+ fast-growing high-quality seeding options so that you can grow and enjoy. Sign up and enjoy the pleasure of producing the best cannabis worldwide.

Germinating Seeds Paper Towel

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